You may access the All Reports module to create a journal entry. Go to Journal Entries, and tap on the “+” floating button to launch the New General Journal form. Select the accounts involved in the transaction and indicate the amount. Ensure that there is no unbalanced amount before tapping “Save’. The saved general journal […]

1.First, select the bank account you want to reconcile. 2.Next, fill in the required details such as the closing date (end date of the actual bank balance), statement balance (ending balance of the actual bank balance). 3.Tap “Start” to begin the reconciliation 4.Select the book records that you want to reconcile. Ensure that difference is […]

You should first create a new expense to record the purchase of this fixed asset. In the Category field, select the suitable fixed asset category. You will then be prompted to record the details of this fixed asset during your new expense creation. Fill in the required details such as Asset Name, Book Value After […]

Please record a new Money-In and select “Sale of Fixed Assets” as the Transaction Purpose. After saving, you will need to complete the Sale of Fixed Assets form. To view your sold assets, tap on “History” on the top right command window of the Fixed Asset Listing report page. Alternatively, you may access the Fixed […]